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Here, at OK Design we design and manufacture simple and poetic furniture in Danish design tradition, combining elegant shapes and silhouettes to create light and clean design pieces. Our main material is metal which we combine with PVC cord, terrazzo and canvas in order to make durable, functional and beautiful objects. We are inspired by our modernist heritage as well as contemporary ideas and aesthetics.

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Our wooden table tops for the OAS table, the Bam Bam table, and the Willow bench are all manufactured in a workshop outside of Aarhus, Denmark. The skilled woodworkers still carry out a century-long tradition for producing furniture. A tradition that had its golden age during the Modernist era with its long, celebrated, Danish, design classics. Denmark used to have a vast woodworking production, but most of it is outsourced today. Never the less there are still a few workshops left and one of them supplies quality woodwork for OK Design.

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