Is the Acapulco chair comfortable? All you need to know

Yes, very comfortable!

The cord is flexible and allows excellent sitting comfort. The sitting position is laid back and loungy and the oval shape allows support in the neck.

Its open and airy structure gives it a visually light and modern appearance. The chair’s gently sloping profile and ergonomic contours are intended to offer a comfortable seating experience.

One of the key elements that determine the comfort of any chair is its ergonomic design. The Acapulco chair does provide a high level of ergonomic support. The curves and contours of the seat are designed to fit the natural curves of the human body, promoting a relaxed sitting posture. The seat’s flexibility allows it to adapt to the shape of the sitter, offering a personalized feel.

On hot Summer days, the string construction ventilates your back and on cold nights you can add a blanket or a sheepskin and snuggle up in your cozy Acapulco nest. 

Unlike traditional upholstered chairs, the Acapulco chair typically does not come with built-in cushioning or padding. But you can purchase our custom-made cushion: Acapulco and Condesa cushion which gives you excellent sitting comfort and an elegant look to your chair. 

The Centro stool is also a great addition to your Acapulco chair. Put your legs up on the matching footstool and get the real aid back, relaxing feeling as if it was a sunbed.

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