What is the difference between the Acapulco and the Condesa chair?



The Acapulco chair is oval and the Condesa chair is round. Both chairs are handmade with a metal frame and the seat and back are in winded string. 

The sitting position of the Acapulco chair is more laid-back and loungy. The oval shape allows support in the neck whereas the sitting position of the Condesa chair is more upright which is favored by many. Due to its circle shape, the Condesa chair is wider and therefore a real nest of comfort. 

Both chairs are absolute classics and light up any garden or terrace with their beautiful and colorful strings and timeless, elegant design.

Condesa Chair

The Condesa chair has a completely circular shape which makes it wider. You can cuttle up in it like a cozy nest.

Acapulco Chair

The Acapulco chair has a taller back and allows for more​ neck ​support​. You will get a more loungy feel ​with the Acapulco chair. In the picture, you see a black Acapulco chair and a dusty pink Condesa chair. The Centro stool/footstool in the front is a great addition to both chairs. Put your legs up and ​​unwind.

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