Boîte Boxes


Boîte is a sophisticated set of boxes inspired by the traditional hat box. The Boîte boxes come in three sizes and two beautiful colours, making them a versatile addition to any decor.

Made with perforated metal, the Boîte boxes have a tactile and transparent feel, reminiscent of mid-century French designs. Each box comes with four different coloured handles that can be easily replaced, allowing you to customize your Boîte Box to suit your style.

Whether you use them to store your favorite accessories, organize your home office, or simply as decorative accents, the Boîte boxes are both practical and beautiful.

Boîte belongs to the same product line as Nouvelle, Tableau, and Ami.

Manufactured in the EU under fair conditions.

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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions N/A

Black, White

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Large, Medium, Small



Designers: Kirsten Krogh & Jacob Fasting

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Boîte Boxes

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