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    Cloud Steps is a light and poetic shelving system. Place anything, from books to shoes, and see how your things step into neatness. Available as a set of 3 or 12 steps, you can arrange them according to your needs. Made in powder-coated metal with milky, white, nylon screws. Manufactured in the EU.

    See more on how to mount them on the wall.


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    Gestus Valet is a clothes stand which organizes your clothes in a beautiful way. Use it to hang your clothes, shoes, hat, and jewellery overnight or to prepare your outfit for the following day. Gestus Valet is your private servant that attends to your personal needs.

    Gestus Valet is made in powder coated metal and available in black and white. The frame has a matte finish with the globe knob, on the top, in high gloss.

    Manufactured in the EU.

  • Replacement Cord

    The replacement cord is for outdoor string furniture such as the Acapulco and Condesa chair. It comes in batches of 3 rolls which is enough for one Acapulco or Condesa chair.

    The cord is made in excellent quality, UV filtered, PVC, free of phthalates and heavy metals. The cord is flexible and allows great sitting comfort when in use and then returns to its original position. The flexibility also makes it easy to work with and to wind your chair with. One cord is approximately 27-30meters long. Manufactured in the EU.

    Watch the winding guide video here 

    Guide for winding your Acapulco Chair.