One wire series

  • 1499.00

    The OAS Table (On-a-string) is an elegant combination of tubes and strings supporting a linoleum or laminated top. It is suited as a dining table or an office desk and available in two lengths.

    The carefully designed pull and draw of strings and tubes make a very strong, yet light construction.

    The white table comes with a laminated top and the black table with a linoleum top. The tabletop is manufactured in Denmark and the rest in the EU.

    Watch the assembly video.

    Customize your OAS table by purchasing additional strings available in multiple colours.



  • One Wire Chair

    The One Wire Chair is made in one continuous wire. The frame folds around a padded textile seat and back. The Danish designers: Fasting and Rolff taps into a famous Danish design tradition with this simple and functional chair.

    The One Wire Chair stacks with a stacking height of 3cm.  The fabric is a fade-resistant, water repellent, and durable quality. The cushioning can easily be detached and washed and retightened by fastening the thick ribbons underneath.

    Manufactured in the EU.


  • 389.00

    Pen Lamp is designed by the Berlin-based designer: Johannes Kiessler. This graphic metal lamp is available in 3 colors and is suspended from the ceiling with a black cord and hangers. It appears as a floating object over a dining table, a kitchen counter, or a workspace. The Pen lamp complements another OK Design classic, the OAS table, using the same suspended cord construction. Manufactured in the EU.